Jul 182013

Win A Free ECS NM70-I Celeron 847 Mini ITX Motherboard|CPU Combo!

ECS NM70-ISo, here we have July’s giveaway and I am excited that I am able to do this. First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you who read the blog and come to seek advice. Without your support this contest wouldn’t be possible!

I have used the ECS NM70-I in two builds and it is a great board for the money that can be tasked for many purposes. Below are the builds featuring the NM70-I:

Contest Rules and Guidelines

The following are four ways that you can enter yourself into this contest:

  • Follow me on Twitter and tweet @GarytheTechNut with the following hashtag #freeECSNM70-I
  • Like TechNutz on Facebook and Like the contest giveaway (which will be located at the top of our page’s feed)
  • Subscribe via email to the TechNutz feed 
  • Comment on this post with what type of build  you would use it with (HTPC? NAS?)

By completing any one of the following, you will be entered into the contest. Complete all of them to get four entries into the contest !

The contest ends at Midnight (CST) on Wednesday, July 31st and I will choose the winner at my own discretion the following day. Once the decision is made, it is final.

Good Luck!

We have a winner! Congratulations Jason Bartimus! I will be contacting you via email to get your shipping info.  Thanks again to all who entered!

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  • staknhalo

    I would do a Windows 8/Windows Media Center based build with this. Paired with a Logitech Mini diNovo Remote – I could even add HTPC apps like Plex via the Windows 8 interface. *drool*

    • http://www.technutz.com/ Gary the TechNut

      Sounds like a great idea! Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • Tyler 

    I still don’t have my build so I plan on building an HTPC around the small Bitfenix case if I win :)

    • http://www.technutz.com/ Gary the TechNut

      Love the Bitfenix Prodigy. Great to see you back Tyler! Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • Michal Plichta

    I have HTPC with OpenElec already, so defenetly I choose NAS. I’m fan of open-source and linux general so I will try FreeNAS. It will let me switch off, my 500GB USB2 external HDD (with external power supply) horrible old and extremely hot during 24/7 operation, and build NAS upon ECS NM70-I. I think it will nicely co-operate with my TP-Link 1043 with OpenWRT inside!

    • http://www.technutz.com/ Gary the TechNut

      I love open source as well! Only one pc in the house with Windows.The rest are all Ubuntu, OpenELEC, and FreeNAS. Thanks for entering and good luck!

      • Michal Plichta

        same here just use win for some games…

  • grocerylist

    I’ve been wanting to build a FreeNAS system, this would be perfect for that.

    • http://www.technutz.com/ Gary the TechNut

      Yeah it is a great board for a basic FreeNAS system. Thanks for entering!

  • AKAOx

    Definately the NAS wear; in a silverstone SGO5BB Sugo Mini!!! Ive had my eyes on one of these cases for a few months! Given me a great excuse to go ahead and pick one up…..Very nice little board. ty for the chance to win it Gary.

    • http://www.technutz.com/ Gary the TechNut

      No problem! Thanks for entering!

  • IamSparta

    I’ve already built my HTPC/NUC from your recomendations and have been very happy. This CPU/Board combo is going to be my photography NAS. Excellent build recomendations.

    • http://www.technutz.com/ Gary the TechNut

      Glad you like the NUC build! It’s a lot of power in a small package. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • GradStudent

    I’m currently a graduate student working on my PhD. Just moved into a new place and desperately need a FreeNAS build for storing my research(life’s work) and for streaming media. I actually work on computing and the humanities. The build will let me make my first build for cheap and gain a place to store my files for research that isn’t done that often in the humanities. Plus, streaming media would keep me entertained for a while in graduate school. I am really looking forward to this build if I win the contest. Like I said, it would be my first one! Currently, I have an aging MyBookWorld :(.

  • Kevin G.

    I could totally use the NUC to get all the media off of my minilaptop, would be a sweet addition.